Saturday 5 April 2008

Grundtvig Learning Partnership

C’Europe on Stage

1 October 2007 – 31 July 2009

Within the Grundtvig Learning Partnership project "C’Europe on Stage" - co-ordinated by The Business Club AUSTRIALIA - each partner researched one burning issue within their culture of origin. Based on the material found, a director of another culture or partner country develope a Forum Theatre play – where the audience plays an essential part, being spect-actors rather then spectators, which were put on stage in the partner countries in 2008-2009 e.g. the Austrian director went to Malta, the Greek director came to Austria and the Maltese director went to Greece. Each performance included learners from all partner countries – giving a multi-cultural dimension to the work of the directors, while the audience always was local people from the hosting country. All scenes were looked at from the European perspective and emphasis the European dimension and ultimately re-inforced the development of a European identity.

With the means of Forum Theatre partners and their learners developed a thorough understanding of „Foreign-European“ Cultures (C2) and at the same time the partner did mirror back their own Culture (C1) and cultural determined behaviour. The results are increased awareness and tolerance for cultural differences and similarities of human behaviour – across all cultural boundaries.

Europe is standing at an important cross-road at the moment, intending to move from a rather loose bunch of independent states into a political entity. Some people like it, others oppose to this idea of a United Europe. What can this United Europe do for us? What do we gain from being European rather than Austrians, Greeks, Maltese or else?

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